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Our Background

In 2011 Chris started as the Aquarium Manager for the University of Southampton’s research aquarium. In this new role he discovered there was little information available in the public domain regards the welfare of aquarium animals and that the only way to obtain evidence based information was to delve into published scientific literature. In order to make this information more accessible, Chris started the Facebook page ‘Welfare and Behaviour of Aquarium Animals’ in 2013 to share his findings with the wider community.

In 2014 Chris joined forces with Suzanne Rogers from Learning About Animals to establish the Aquarium Welfare Association. After a year of organising and developing the direction of AWA, a soft launch was done at the beginning of 2015. This included growing our Trustee panel to include Tizzy Willis and to form an Advisory panel consisting of academics with a professional interest in animal welfare. We also launched our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

We will be formally launching towards the end of 2015, at which point we hope to have a large amount of resources developed and to have started our first campaign.