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Ways to help

1) Become a member
2) Research the requirements of the animals you are going to buy
3) Purchase from an OATA store
4) Question your retailer, ensure they know what they are talking about and not just trying to sell you a fish
5) Read about the Big Fish Campaign
6) Submit an article for the website to share your knowledge of aquarium welfare. All submissions will be reviewed by our trustees and advisory panel. Submissions should be sent to chris.sturdy@aquariumwelfare.org (See house style notes below)

House Style

Our house style guide will likely develop as we create resources. We do not want to be too prescriptive but some style guidelines will help with the consistency across our resources.

- Please submit articles in Word.

- References should be cited in the text as numbers in square brackets (e.g. [1]) in the order in which they appear in the text. This is less disruptive to the reader than citing the authors and date of the publication. In the reference list the format should be as follows:

Surname, Initial. (Year of Publication) Title of paper. Name of journal. Volume number, page number range

Rogers, S. (2015) A review of the behaviour and welfare of goldfish. Goldfish Today, 6, pp 206-209

For books the name of the book, Chapter and publisher should be included. If citing websites please include the link in brackets and we will add it as a link for the website. If citing opinions of others you can use the style (Suzanne Rogers, personal communication).

- Opinion articles can be written in the first person.

- Please write abbreviations out in full at first mention followed by the abbreviation in brackets. The abbreviation alone can be used for subsequent mentions of the term. (i.e. Aquarium Welfare Association (AWA) at first mention, the subsequently referred to as AWA).

- Numbers under ten should be written as words, above ten as numerals.

- Species names should be in italics and always include the genus and species (minimum; can include more taxonomic levels if appropriate).

- If you include diagrams or pictures please include a caption, refer to them in the text as Figure 1 (etc.) and include the owner of the picture e.g. (Copyright Suzanne Rogers). If you use other people’s pictures please ask their permission to be included.