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The Aquarium Welfare Association was established to improve the welfare of all aquatic animals kept in captivity, irrespective of their use, be it for research, production, conservation or entertainment.

Fish are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK with 15% of households owning them. The global ornamental aquarium trade is worth an estimated 800 million to 30 billion US Dollars annually, trading with approximately 350 million fishes, 80-90% of which are freshwater. Of that percentage, approximately 90% of freshwater ornamental fish are captive bred, while only approximately 12% of marine ornamental fish are bred in captivity, 2% of which are commercially feasible.

Aquariums are becoming increasingly popular as technology and our understanding makes it easier to keep aquatic animals in captivity. Research has shown that aquariums can improve our physical and mental wellbeing. With the growing popularity of keeping aquariums and visiting public aquariums we are constantly developing our understanding, however there is still a lot more to learn.

The Aquarium Welfare Association aims to work with key stakeholders, including the public, to improve the welfare standards of all our aquatic animals.

In order to do this we need your support…

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