5 High-Quality Fish Foods that you have To Try


5 High-Quality Fish Foods That You Have to Try

When it comes to prepared fish foods, what do you feed? Are you a Team Hikari fan or a DIYer from Team Repashy. Or are you like me, who has a serious case of fish food collectoritis and a fridge door filled with half-empty bottles? We have hundreds of fish foods from around the world. So when I try out a new product in fish keeping, I usually look for:

– Ingredients – What are the ingredients and what nutrients is it made from? – Palatability – Are my fish crazy about it? How quickly does it get eaten? – Ease of Use – How long does it take to prepare? Is it likely to make the water a bit dirty or require additional tank maintenance? Price – How much will it cost and is it possible to get it?

With those criteria in mind, here’s a list of my favorite prepared foods that are proven, easy to use, and a little unusual in some cases – foods that your fish need to try!

Favorite Flake Food Xtreme Krill Flakes

There’s a gazillion brands of fish flakes on the market, so what’s a good brand you can trust with all the right nutrients? Xtreme Krill Flanks is a premium flake with high-quality food that includes krill. The smell and taste of krill is irresistible to fish, and it’s a great source of protein that naturally enhances fish colors. It can easily be crumbled into the desired size to feed small guppy fry and cichlids who need that extra color. We personally fell in love with this food feeding it to our livebearers and can’t recommend it enough!

Favorite Pellet Food – Xtreme Nano

Flakes are great for fish that eat off the surface, but what about mid-water or bottom dwelling fish that prefer slowly sinking foods? Xtreme Nano excels in this area. This pellet food of 0.5 mm is rich in protein (from tasty sources like fish, krill, and squid), and has very little fillers. This tiny size makes it ideal for small fish such as tetras and rasboras. If you’re ever not sure what to feed your fish for the day, this is a nutritious staple that you can rely on.

Favorite Fry Food: Aquarium Co-Op Easy Fry and Small Fish Food

I’m really into breeding nano fish right now, so this fine-grained food is perfect for both the adults and babies in my aquariums. It contains salmon, spirulina and kelp, with high crude protein content (55%) as well as crude fat content (18%). This is great for raising healthy fry. The squeeze bottle is what really makes this food stand out. Although you wouldn’t believe packaging could make such a significant difference, it is so simple to pour a small amount into each tank and quickly feed a lot of fish. I only own a few aquariums, so I can only imagine the time savings for people who own a fish room or work at a pet store.

Hikari Vibra Bits is Finicky Eaters’ Favorite Food

Some aquatic pets, such as the discus, puffers and African dwarf frogs, are not allowed to eat frozen or live foods. This can make it difficult for them to be kept. It would be great if there were a ready-to-eat food that could look and move in the water like frozen bloodworms. Enter Hikari Vibra Bites. These red food sticks resemble worms and are easier to consume for small fish like tetras. Plus, they’re packed with ingredients including fish, krill, cuttlefish, insects, and garlic for a great mix of nutrition and color-enhancing benefits. Yes, there are super picky eaters that probably still won’t eat this food, but give it a try and it could save you a lot of time and headache.

Favorite Food for Bottom Feeders: Repashy Gel Food

I had never heard of gel foods before, but now that I’ve started using Repashy Superfoods, it’s become a staple with my aquariums. Add the powder to boiling water, allow it to set like Jell O, then cut it into cubes for your fish to eat or freeze. The gel food doesn’t break apart immediately in water and lasts up to 24 hours or more, making it great for slower feeders such as nocturnal catfish or baby fry. Even driftwood and smooth stones can be dipped into the liquid before it sets. This will give your algae-eating aufwuchs friends a flat surface to walk on. I also love how there’s so many varieties that target the specific diets of goldfish, herbivores, wood eaters, baby fish, and so forth. Word of warning though: Repashy has a particularly unique scent (which drives fish crazy).

In terms of fish foods, I don’t have a particular brand loyalty. As Cory (the owner of Aquarium Co-Op) puts it, trying out different fish foods is like Fantasy Football where you can pick the best players from each team. So, if you’re looking for a little more variety, need better nutrition, or just want to spoil your fish, give my top 5 list a try. It’s possible that you will discover a new favorite fish recipe!